Adobe Apollo Runtime

Alpha 1.031907

Apollo, a new and cool widget environment



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As you can see day by day in our website, there are a lot of widgets which keep you up to date about everything. They are usually based on two 'widget engines': Yahoo Widget Engine (formerly known as Konfabulator) and Google Desktop. Now we can enjoy a new and powerful one: Adobe Apollo.

Adobe and its Flash Player nowadays dominate the browser-based internet applications and now it will fight to become the best widget engine..

Adobe has released a new integrated development environment which allows developers use their JavaScript, HTML and other Web skills in order to build their own rich widgets.

Most of those widgets are free and you will need this Runtime application in order to use them, so this Apollo Runtime will become a must have in your system if you are one of those widget fans surrounding the net.

Remember, Apollo runtime is required to run any Apollo application.

Take on account that this is an Alpha version.

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